6th Annual IIPA Iridology Health Summit - 2019 "RECORDING"

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Day One: Friday, September 27th
Alicia Rocco interview with Kathy Norris
Jennifer Nelson-Hawks - "Living in a High Tech World"
Theresa Bullock - “Iridology and Essential Oils”
Kathy Norris – “Body Systems”

Day Two: Saturday, September 28th
Betty Sue O’Brian - “ Living Long and Loving It”
Donna Fisher - “EMF 5G Solutions”
Wanda Seitz - “Biochemistry of pH”
Leonard Mehlmauer (short one) - “Principles of Radical Healing”

Day Three: Sunday, September 29th
Leonard Mehlmauer - “Correlating Iris and Sclera Markers in Diabetes”
Tharindu Fernando - “Anatomy of the Eye”
Polly Heil-Mealey - “Endocrine Cascade of the Thyroid”
Emil Bewo-Lundblad - “Iridology and Lymphatic System